Auto window tinting is a great way to reduce heat and glare, and it can help drivers and passengers enjoy more privacy. Consumers have two options for auto window tint: DIY window tinting kits like those found at auto parts stores or hiring a professional. Although DIY kits are usually cheaper, hiring a professional is worthwhile for the reasons listed below.

Knowledge of Local Tint Laws

Because darkened windows pose a safety risk for police officers during traffic stops, many states and cities have limits on how dark a car’s window tint can be. Most tint companies, as part of their business practices, work to remain updated on tint regulations. While a few shops provide illegal tint, most help their customers remain on the right side of the law.

Practical Experience

Unless a driver guys a pro-grade window tint kit, they’ll likely find the film in a DIY kit to be flimsy and difficult to install. For the novice, it can be hard to work with window film, as even the slightest breeze can cause wrinkles or creases. A window tinting professional will use higher-grade film and ensure that it’s applied without crinkles, creases, debris and air bubbles.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If a window tinting company does a poor job, an auto owner can ask for a re-tint or they can get a refund. When someone makes a mistake during a DIY tint job, they can’t fix the mistake without buying another tint kit.

A Surprisingly Low Cost

DIY window tint kits are a popular way to save money. However, cheap window film doesn’t always offer a good result. For instance, many drivers want tinted windows as a way to protect a car’s interior from cracking and fading. However, a low-quality film doesn’t always provide the proper protection.

DIY window tint may provide a car owner with a little more shade inside his or her vehicle, but over the long term, it won’t do much to protect the car’s interior from the sun’s damaging effects. For these reasons, it makes sense to pay a bit more for a high-quality film from a professional installer at

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